Brig Kulwant Singh Interviewing officer
  • It is a common misconception that the SSBs follow a complicated process to select candidates. Most of the candidates generally have a tendency of collecting a lot of material from various books and other sources and are thus confused and start looking for some imaginary correct answers.
    • No one is perfect. The assessors understand and give more than adequate benefit for the shortcomings or mistakes which you may have committed. Do not try and hide anything. Many candidates have a tendency of lying and making false pretenses which the accessors view negatively.

    • The interview is based on the theory of free association. The aspirant is made to talk freely. Through this free association the interviewer assess  whether the candidate has the essential qualities to be trained to become an average officer in the Armed Forces. They do not expect the candidate to be a walking encyclopedia.

  • The candidates must be aware about various national and international issues. They are looking for a candidate who keeps his eyes and ears open, keeps himself posted about events and happenings around him and has a receptive mind which can retain issues in his head.
  • Questioning on PIQ reveals whether the candidate is a person with a clean, clear and healthy attitude and wants to improve himself as life goes on and spends his time usefully. When you discuss any topic or express your views, you should have good reason to support of your views.
  • Speak clearly. If you cannot speak in English, speak in Hindi. Avoid an artificial way of speaking and be original. Never show rigidity of views or mentality. Project yourself as a broadminded individual. Do not blame an organization, institution or individual for your shortcomings. Show you are aware of your weakness and have a will to learn and improve.
  • Many candidates have a misapprehension that SSBs do not prefer candidates who have undergone coaching at any Academy. They think that with bookish and hear-say knowledge, they can clear the SSB without any help. While this may be true for some very bright candidates, we recommended that a candidate undergoes proper training from one of the best SSB coaching in Gurugram to prepare for the upcoming SSB interview.